Month: April 2015

Because Bugs are a real DRAAAGGG …

NASA is looking everywhere for ways to improve aviation fuel efficiency. Two of its most promising projects — a bug-repellant coating and a new technology for smaller vertical tails — are now ready to be tested.

When it comes to commercial aviation, even the smallest improvements in fuel efficiency mean millions of dollars saved and fewer harmful emissions in our atmosphere.

That’s how we reduce the …. DRAAAGGG…

Scientists estimate that using bug-repellant coating on aircrafts can help increase fuel efficiency by upto 6% (on every single trip).

Now that’s something BIG, isn’t it? Let’s hope that the test results come out to be positive (for the sake of humankind and our sustainability).


Fast And Furious Re-cap

Wanna check out the Fast and Furious lineage before heading out to watch FF7 ??

Check out this video to get a cool recap of how the Fast and Furious Franchise has entertained us over the last decade.

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious