Month: July 2014

Guide to Getting Better Customer Service

Be it our network service providers or the gadgets we use, at one point or the other, all of us need to call up the customer service helpline to find a solution to our problems and queries.

More often than not, most of us don’t get to speak to the customer care representative, and are left unsatisfied.


Customer Service Essentials

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting better Customer Service, and thereby, to quicker and satisfactory resolution of your problems 🙂

A Habitat Placed in a Pit – That’s What NASA Thinks

NASA thinks the moon’s underground caves could house astronauts!

Along with craters covering a huge land mass of our moon, it also has a few….err….pretty deep holes.

The moon’s more than 200 holes, or “lunar pits,” were discovered by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Scientists and Researchers are at present trying to check the feasibility of such an act. The habitat, placed in a pit (or hole) of sorts would provide a safe location, as many scientists claim.

However, a lunar probe will have to verify it before any substantive proceedings can be made in this direction.

Iraqi ‘Terrorist Groups’ Have Seized Nuclear Materials

Terrorist Groups in Iraq have seized Nuclear material, as is evident from a letter written to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon by the UN Ambassador to Iraq.

Around 40 Kg of Uranium compounds stored in the University of Mosul for research practices, has (apparently) been taken by terrorist insurgent groups massacring Iraq.

This development could have far reaching global implications as the same could be used by them or other international terrorist outfits to spread widespread grief.