Month: May 2014

20+ Inspirational Stories That Prove Moms Are Superheroes :)

Mom’s the word! All children look upto their Mother’s as, they are indeed, some kind of super woman.

Whenever kids are in trouble,  or need some kind of help, we hear all sorts of yelling – Mother, Mommy, Aai, Mamma,  Ma, Mom …..


This just shows how much faith we all have in our Mom’s abilities and capabilities to help us sail through our problems.

We all know that all mother’s are super heroes for their beloved young ones.

Here are 21 inspirational stories that prove moms are superheroes indeed.

Best hot air balloon rides

Want to see how beautiful our world looks from above?

Since childhood,  I always had the above mentioned desire. More so, that was the only reason why I wished to become a pilot (at one point of time 😛 ).

Well, for those (like me) who don’t have a flying license just yet, but would simply cherish a bird’s eye view, hot air balloons provide one of the best ways to accomplish this.


Hot air balloon rides

We can enjoy awesome aerial views of breathtakingly beautiful sceneries by taking a ride on a hot air balloon,  which gives one enough time to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing scenes in peace, which is not always possible on a jet.
Plus, at times, they’re allowed at places, where jet planes or helicopters are often not allowed to fly.

Here’s a list of the best hot air balloon rides which one can experience –

India ‘MODI’fied

The Bhartiya Janata Party, under the leadership of it’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi won the 2014 Indian general election with a clear majority,  the strongest showing of a single party in the Lok Sabha since 1984.


17th Lok Sabha

The Modi led BJP secured 282 seats,  10 more than the half way mark of 272. The coalition partners of BJP also did pretty well, securing about another 50 seats.

BJP’s astounding victory is being attributed to an increased dissent amongst the electorate against the Congress led UPA government, and also a general pro-Modi wave across the nation, who is often seen as the poster boy of development and superior governance, thanks to the transformation he’s shown in Gujarat.

Modi’s primary nation wide opponent,  the Indian National Congress, experienced it’s worst ever show, securing less than even 50 seats, even though they had fielded candidates in a majority of the 543 seats.

Narendra Modi and his new cabinet, along with all the other elected members of the Lok Sabha, shall very soon assume office, and, hopefully, the 17th Lok Sabha will be extremely productive and beneficial for the Republic of India.

America’s favorite Beaches!

It is holiday season once again.
And summer time for all the inhabitants staying above the equator.

And, Time to go for a swim in the calm and serene waters of your favourite sea beach !!


Here’s a compilation of some of the best beaches in the States!

The First 10 Things to Do With a New Android Phone

Just bought a new Android smartphone?

Want to set up your phone in the correct,  most minimalist way.


Here’s how you can do it really easily –

Get the Most Out of VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most powerful and popular video players out there.

Some of the most useful tricks and tips to help you find the best viewing experience and extract some of the much needed utilities out of VLC are presented in this step by step guide.

Here’s how –

Supernormal Stimuli: Your Brain On Video Games, Junk Food, Porn and the Internet

Supernormal Stimuli: How our Brain reacts and responds to Video Games, Junk Food,  Porn and the Internet –

The Indian General Elections – 2014

With the Indian Elections drawing to a close, and all the TV news anchors doing exit poll analysis 24×7, I think it fit to dedicate my first post on this topic. The Indian General Elections is the largest human process of it’s kind, with a billion people choosing the person who will run the nation for the next 60 months.

As voting in the world’s biggest election ends after weeks of polling, the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty defeat looms for the ruling UPA

In these elections, over 551 million people voted over a five-week period. The election season wasn’t without it’s whims ‘n’ fancies -“draamebaazi”, allegations and counter-allegations, and obviously, the “tu tu mein mein” between all rival political parties.

The general sentiment of the nation has been one which is looking for a change – in terms of better governance, administration, economic reforms and so on and so forth.

The voter turnout this time has also seen a great rise, and risen by over 20% since the previous general election of 2009. The election commission gave final figures for the world’s biggest election, saying 551 million had voted – 130 million more than in 2009 – with turnout also at a record high of 66.38%

Most of the exit-polls are pitting the Narendra Modi led BJP and it’s allies (NDA-National Democratic Alliance) to form the next  government. The UPA (Union Progressive Alliance), with it’s key member being the Congress, has supposedly had a dismal performance.


None the less, we have to wait till the 16th of May to find out for sure who’s going to rule India for the next 1800 days.